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To remain a competitive business in Cranston, RI, companies need to be available to potential customers and clients more than the competition. However, that can’t happen when a simple access issue like a lost key or broken lock prevents them from entering the property. Unless you work with a 24-hour locksmith organization like Cranston RI Locksmith Store, these problems could effectively shut down your business for hours. When you need service and reprogramming for digital locks, installation of buzzer systems, repair or replacement of old locks, or other common commercial locksmith services, don’t hesitate to give us a call no matter what the hour.

Cranston RI Locksmith Store Cranston, RI 401-623-8191Our commercial locksmith professionals have serviced most types of locks in existence, including safe locks and high security locks. The moment you realize you need help, contact our company to have one or more skilled technicians dispatched to your location. We are able to resolve the majority of issues in one service call because we stock our service vans with all of the tools of our trade. Whether you need unlocking or repairing of different types of safes, transponder key programming for company vehicles, or another commercial locksmith service, rest assured that we will be on our way within minutes of your call.

Lock Changes

A seemingly insignificant security oversight can have more of an impact on your company’s financial health than you might realize. While that may sound like bad news, this doesn’t necessarily mean you need a complete security overhaul for your commercial establishment. A locksmith specialist would be happy to provide you with insight on what you could improve as well as what seems to be working well. We serve businesses from one-person insurance offices to large hotel chains with a constant turnover of guests.

Lock Damage

Your business locks can sustain damage for a variety of reasons, including purposeful tampering and erosion caused by weather conditions. When you arrive at your commercial property to discover lock damage, it doesn’t really matter to you at that point how it happened. You just want the problem fixed quickly so you, your employees, and customers can get into the building.

Time is money when you own a business. Idle employees who can’t access their work stations and customers who can’t get past the damaged lock can make you lose money quickly. However, Cranston RI Locksmith Store will stop that from happening by repairing the lock promptly while you wait.

Safe/Cabinet Locks

Some documents and company assets are more critical than others and thus need to be stored in a secure location. For many business owners, that’s a safe or filing cabinet with a locking mechanism. If you should happen to lose the key, don’t panic. You can contact Cranston RI Locksmith Store 24 hours a day for immediate assistance with getting the safe or filing cabinet open again. We don’t destroy anything in the process, and we can cut new keys for you on the spot.

Emergency Exit Lock

You don’t want to find out during an emergency that the lock on the emergency exit door is broken. This will prevent people from safely leaving the premises. It could also subject you to numerous safety violations and fines. To prevent a catastrophe, be certain to test the locking mechanism on the emergency door on a regular basis. If you notice any issues, you won’t have to wait to get them fixed. Our commercial technicians will arrive with tools in hand ready to correct this security issue. Just call us at 401-623-8191 for immediate help.

Key Changes

A lost key can have just as much of a negative effect on your business as a broken lock or key. Since you have no way of knowing where it might be, we encourage you to contact us at once for an immediate replacement. After creating your new set of business keys, we will check all locks to make sure they work properly.

Master Key Systems

With a master key and sub-master keys for your business, you can control who can access certain areas of the building at all times. You don’t need to be physically present to set or override parameters that you established based on positions of trust within the organization and typical work schedules. These keys cannot be copied, so you don’t have to worry about a security threat if they get lost.

We are experienced at meeting the commercial locksmith needs of numerous types of business in the Cranston, RI area, including:

  • Cranston RI Locksmith Store Cranston, RI 401-623-8191Restaurants
  • Office Spaces
  • Assisted Living Care Centers
  • Business Outlets
  • Schools / Universities
  • Hotels / Motels
  • Hospitals
  • Apartments
  • Banks

Even when several of our clients have the same type of business, each one has security needs that are all its own. Cranston RI Locksmith Store understands this and will respond to your service requests accordingly. We can also recommend and implement security upgrades for your convenience. Our company is happy to offer scheduled and emergency appointments to meet your needs. Please call us at 401-623-8191 to let us know if you need us to cut off old rusty padlocks, change out mailboxes, or another commercial locksmith service.