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Cranston RI Locksmith Store, being the locksmithing firm it is, sees numerous locksmith issues often. Recently, one of our clients called up at 3 am to install new locks. Just as we always do, we immediately responded to the call. Upon enquiring, we understood that the client was amidst a serious mishap, and somehow a vandal played up with the lock of the residential space’s door. Truly a horrific experience! Emergency situations such as these call for emergency solutions. Of course, we can’t expect the client to slumber peacefully knowing that the security is at stake. In order to respond to the call quickly, we dispatched our team of mobile locksmiths to the site within 20 minutes. After a careful examination of the door and bent up lock, the locksmiths installed a new set of lock.   

We see hundreds of such situations, and always ensure that we respond to such emergencies within 15-20 minutes! Are you facing a similar situation? Install new locks today with Cranston RI Locksmith Store’s aid!

What makes installation of new locks inevitable?

  • Cranston RI Locksmith Store Cranston, RI 401-623-8191When you want to get your home/business security updated 
  • When you have moved into a new place
  • When you have lost your keys and want to have a better locking system

24/7 availability!

Cranston, RI area has got hundreds of locksmithing firms and hardware stores that claim to offer cheap locksmith services. But, have you ever wondered about their credibility? Do they truly do all that they claim they could? It is not about finding a locksmith, the challenge is to find the right locksmith. Cranston RI Locksmith Store is the most reliable locksmithing firm in the locality that is available to serve all the residents of the locality for 24/7 throughout the entire year. Want to install new locks in the mid night? Call us without any second thoughts!


Many clients out there delay getting new locks installed as they are deeply concerned about the bills shooting up. But with Cranston RI Locksmith Store, this is not the case at all. When you get your new locks installed with Cranston RI Locksmith Store, you can be assured to receive quality services for absolute minimal costs. We don’t charge anything extra even if you avail our services during the off-hours.

No matter when or where you call upon us to avail our services from in the Cranston, RI area, we would respond to you within 20 minutes! Want to install new locks for your place? Dial 401-623-8191 today!