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As time passed by, with the evolution in technology and the concern for better security, the locks and key industry went through a wave of revolution. Today, about hundreds and thousands of locks are available in the industry, right from simplistic pad locks to the most sophisticated smart locks. However, the wide-range of availability of varying locks does not guarantee 100% better security. This is because most of the clients aren’t aware of choosing the right lock for their place. Even if they do, finding a locksmith who could get the job done in the finest manner is one of the hardest affairs.

Well, it is time to put both the worries to rest! Cranston RI Locksmith Store has been functioning as the most reliable locks and locksmith service provider in the Cranston, RI area. No matter when or where in the locality you require our impeccable services, you’ll get it in the most precise manner!


We keep pace with the times

We do believe that survival of the fittest is quite a reflection of reality. Hence, we constantly strive to provide our clients with the latest trends in the industry. We make it a point to train and equip our team of locksmiths proficiently.

We value customer’s time

There is nothing as precious as time, and we at Cranston RI Locksmith Store firmly believe that. When you are caught up in a tiresome lockout situation, we know that the sooner we respond, the less burdensome it gets for you. Hence, our 24/7 locks and locksmith service providers waste no time in responding to your calls. With 20 minutes, they’d arrive at your place to help you out! 

The affordable locks & locksmith

Many don’t opt for a locksmith to fix or install the locks for their residential spaces as they fear the bills skyrocketing. It all goes down to the basic economic principle, higher the demand, higher the prices as the supply grows meagre. However, Cranston RI Locksmith Store decided to be the exception. Hence, we evolved to be the number one locks and locksmith service provider that serves its clients for absolute affordable costs.


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  • Locks, cabinets, door repairs etc.
  • Installation of new locks
  • Suggestions for choosing best locks
  • Eviction locksmith services
  • Security solutions
  • Emergency unlocking services
  • 24/7 locks and locksmith services
  • Garage door locks
  • Installation of push bars

Want your locks in the finest shape? Call Cranston RI Locksmith Store at 401-623-8191 to avail the most precise locks and locksmith services in the Cranston, RI area.