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Although technology has taken our lives by a whirlwind with its magic, traditional letters and mails haven’t been ruled out. Consider this, how do you receive some of the most important bank details and renewed credit/ATM cards?  In some cases, even the property agreements and contracts are sent via mail. When such crucial documents are sent through mail, how can we not secure the mailbox appropriately? Just as your front door must be secured with locks, mailboxes should be locked in the most rigid manner.

Don’t know where to start from? Get Cranston RI Locksmith Store to assist you! Avail our mailbox lock services in Cranston, RI area, to install a new lock or to repair the existing one. No more you will have to worry about your mails being stolen by unauthorized individuals!

A Plethora to choose from:

Cranston RI Locksmith Store Cranston, RI 401-623-8191There are numerous types of mailbox locks. It all varies depending upon how often you are likely to receive a mail, and the type of mail delivery services. Most of the residential mailboxes are mounted on the pole or post, on the curbside. These wall mounted mailbox locks are attached using simplistic screws and C-clip which holds the lock tightly against the mailbox opening.

On the other hand, curbside mailboxes require a different type of lock, but this type of mailbox would only be necessary when you are likely to receive bigger packages through mail.

Why a professional?

Do-it-yourself solutions to attach a mailbox lock wouldn’t work very well, as a professional is only capable of handling it well. Although no so complicated, leaving such affairs to a skilled locksmith would only be the wise option as getting the mailbox lock installation process done without causing any damage is highly important. 


We do not charge any more than we should for performing our mailbox locks installation services. Right from installation of the locks to fixing any faults in them, we do it all with extreme finesse.

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